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"Healing quilts" bring warmth to both giver and receiver

Published May 1, 2007

For 12 years, Nancy Earle has sold insurance. It's a good job, but not one that necessarily fulfills her on a spiritual or creative level. Although she didn't plan it, over time, her love for quilting added a dimension to her job that made it more meaningful.


Shalem Healing swirls Eastern and Western ways

Published Oct. 27, 2005

Rob Fox moved his practice, called Shalem Healing (800 E. Locust St.), from Waukesha to Riverwest last May. Fox combines Western and Eastern techniques and sees medicine as a blend of science and art.


Reiki flows the chi to all the right places

Published Oct. 5, 2005

Thirty years ago, most Americans knew little about Eastern culture other than egg rolls and the "Ancient Chinese Secret" detergent commercial. Today, healers like Rennie Laing of Blue Earth Studio have brought massage -- and now reiki -- to the mainstream.

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