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Saint behind the glass

Published Sept. 26, 2013

The title of this piece is from one of my favorite Los Lobos songs. Today, in a gorgeous and strange church in Kufstein, Austria, I saw a real saint behind what I assume to be real glass.


Who dat feeling sports pride?

Published Dec. 27, 2012

I never wear clothing with sports logos. Ever. Well, until this week, in New Orleans, I wore a "Geaux Saints" T-shirt, and you know what? I learned a lot about fandom.


Packers week 1: The good, the bad and the ugly

Published Sept. 9, 2011

As the dust settles from Thursday night's heart stopping Packers 42-34 win over New Orleans, looking back on the evening, there are some things that went well, and others that nearly cost Green Bay the win.


A rough return for No. 4

Published Sept. 10, 2010

A year ago, Brett Favre showed he didn't need training camp. Of course, he had a full corps of receivers and some crummy opponents to open the season.

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First Week Finished

Monday October 18th, 2010 - Somewhere Else At Sea   I was scheduled for and successfully performed three shows tonight, and if I were asked to impartially evaluate all of them I’d say they were ‘good enough‘. After that, people can have whatever opinion they want. Some...

Drink it up America

 To all the Saints’ fans I say drink it up. Drink up the moment. Drink up the pure joy that is winning the Super Bowl. Literally, I tell you to drink it up. Call in sick tomorrow. If you are not a Saints’ fan, well I encourage you to drink it up. America is in a down...

Flooded with emotions

The beads are brighter, the banners hanging all over the city seem vibrant, and the people’s laughter music to the ears. It’s hard to believe there is another city in America that represents the heartbeat of a nation struggling to survive, more than New Orleans.With the Haiti disaster...

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