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Badgers' Rose Bowl bid becomes official

Published Dec. 6, 2010

There was little doubt but finally, a week after wrapping up the regular season with a 70-23 victory over Northwestern, the Wisconsin Badgers received their first Rose Bowl invitation in 11 years.

Reader blogs:

Wait a Second...

  The game of football is based on human decisions. Whether you are talking about where the ball is spotted, to if the lineman held, or if the defender interfered with the receiver’s chances of catching the ball. The human eye sees the play, comprehends what it saw, and de...

Thanks BCS

 I cannot thank you enough BCS. You have rescued me from watching another thrilling tournament, or adding to the pointless playoff dribble that clueless sports fans go on and on about. Who wants to watch a tournament?How much fun would it be if Santa didn’t wrap your presents? The exci...

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