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How to drink absinthe the old-ass fashioned way

Published July 23, 2014

These days, absinthe has become synonymous with forgotten nights in Paris and foxy green fairies. With my knowledge of the infamous green drink limited to pop culture myths and Moulin Rouge, I decided it was time to finally sample absinthe correctly. So, when I received the Absinthe Set in the mail, I was determined to find out if the spirit matched the hype. With three 50ml bottles of absinthe at my disposal, I took the deep dive into the big green and drank absinthe the way it was intended to be drunk.


Great Lakes Distillery expands with more space, tours

Published Nov. 19, 2011

Like brewery tours? Great Lakes Distillery - a small-batch distillery that makes spirits like Rehorst vodka and gin - offers tours at their Walker's Point space, 616 W. Virginia St. Soon, the distillery will feature an expanded tasting room and a patio.


A possible revamp for Club Anything / Elixir Lounge?

Published April 28, 2011 recently caught up with the current general manager of Walker's Point's Club Anything and the adjoined Elixir Lounge Gary Czaplewski to find out what's next for the bars, if Goth is dead and whether or not absinthe really makes you hallucinate.

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