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France-born Marin tattoos Milwaukee

Published April 18, 2015

Laurent Marin learned the art of tattooing by practicing on his own skin while growing up in Grenoble, France. Today, he co-owns Old Salt Tattooers in Bay View.


Milwaukee tattoo guide, 2011

Published April 16, 2011

Milwaukee has a long list of ink shops on all sides of town. Some have changed hands or come and gone over the years, but a core group has been in business for many years. Although some believed tattoos would become a fad of the '90s, for the most part, they've remained fashionable with a variety of different social groups, from hipsters to bikers to sorority gals.


Literary tattoos fuse flesh and fiction

Published Jan. 19, 2011

Recently, the tattoo world's sub-genre of literary tattoos garnered limelight through Web sites like and a book called "Literary Tattoos from Bookworms World Wide." Here are numerous Milwaukee people with lit tats along with commentary from a local artist.


My Milwaukee tattoo

Published Oct. 12, 2010

I went to Adambomb, 2028 N. Martin Luther King Dr., and owner Adam Werther tattooed the Milwaukee Tool logo on my left forearm. I know I am not the first Milwaukee patriot to pick this, but it has appealed to me for many years.


Tattoo king turns to fine art

Published March 24, 2009

After more than a decade of owning the tattoo shop Adambomb, Adam Werther is accustomed to drawing for clients. Now that the economy slowed down business a little bit, Werther is able to focus on fine art and drawing for himself.

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