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Friendship Club provides supportive sanctuary for addicts

Published May 26, 2015

On Jan. 21, 1989, Lawrence Harris spent the day smoking cocaine outside of the house owned by his mother, who refused to let him in because he was high again. There, he sat in his cold green '81 Cutlass Oldsmobile, too wired to sleep, and prayed. That night, Harris told Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, he made a promise to himself never to return to drugs, a vow he has kept for the last 25 years as a member of the Friendship Club,


"The Soberhead Challenge"

Published Oct. 9, 2014

Lindsay Garric reports on what it's like for a caffeine lover to go a month without drinking coffee.


Mom gets active after losing son to heroin

Published April 30, 2014

Linda Lenz has got a message for heroin: your days are numbered taking hold of our children. Lenz, a Muskego resident who lost her son Tony to a heroin overdose in February 2013 is amassing an army to defeat the drug through education and open forum discussion.


How much is "too much" sex?

Published May 29, 2010

A "normal" amount of sex in a week for a couple is obviously difficult to pinpoint. It's completely relative to the couple, their lifestyle, their sex drives, their health and their happiness.

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