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The Weathered Kite

Youth is fleeting and yet there is a lack of respect and willingness to hold on to it. At thirteen, dreams of proms, weddings and popularity send hopes sky high as if kites flying above. Romantic strings connecting and intertwining without a care in the world. Mismatched shapes and bright kites...

You Have the Floor

            I’ve been sleeping on the floor on and off for the last week or so.I’m not being punished, our mattress is shot. It’s only two years old but it’s got two giant caters on either side where my wife and I are supposed to sleep. A...

My Date with a Doctor

I’m getting a colonoscopy this Monday. It’ll be my second. Colonoscopies are a rite of “passage” (pun somewhat intended) when you turn that “certain age,” the age when doctors start looking around in places you thought, for sure, no one would ...

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