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Overindulgence leads some drinkers to "take a break" from alcohol

Published Feb. 16, 2013

New Year's resolutions and Lent are popular times of year for people to "take a break" from drinking alcohol. For social drinkers, this might be a healthy choice, but for those who quit to determine if they have a problem or not might need to do more.


Is peer pressure worse for adults?

Published Feb. 13, 2013

Everyone knows about peer pressure for teens. But our culture seems to take in stride the prevalence of peer pressure in the adult world, especially where alcohol is concerned - and especially here in Milwaukee. And those who abstain - for whatever reason - are often seen as just plain strange.


Teen drinking presents a dilemma for some parents

Published Feb. 11, 2013

Whether to allow teens to drink at home is a difficult parental decision and a controversial topic. Although some parents demand absolute abstinence from their teens or pre-teens, others believe that their kids are going to experiment with alcohol whether they forbid it or not.



Published Feb. 22, 2011

I'm no drunkorexic, but I can relate to this. Occasionally, I have been offered a dessert or a second slice of pizza and I said, only half jokingly, "Thanks, but I am saving my caloric intake for beer."

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My father was a lifelong Milwaukeean, until he moved to the San Diego about 16 years ago. Despite being born and bred in Milwaukee, Dad had (and still has) absolutely no use for the weather here, particularly from October to May. And now that he's lived out there for so long, where it's always ...

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