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"Jan Lievens" rewrites history of Dutch paintings

Published Feb. 8, 2009

On the surface "Jan Lievens: A Dutch Master Rediscovered," the new exhibit that opened Friday and runs through April 26 at Milwaukee Art Museum, might look like just another lovely show of virtuoso painting by a centuries-old master you've never heard of. But, in fact, this exhibit overturns previous notions of Dutch painting.


Mix tape: part two

Published May 3, 2007

Here’s part two of a journey through the stack of CDs on my desk. Part one appeared in the Sound Check section last weekend and there’s more to come, so stay tuned.


A Canadian Cactus Club!

Published March 25, 2007

Although I am 2,100 miles away from Brew City, I find myself across the street from a place called "Cactus Club Cafe" which, of course, reminds me of Milwaukee's Cactus Club.

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