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Kochanski's puts new spin on classic polka bar

Published Nov. 27, 2011

Art Altenburg's Concertina Bar drew hundreds of polka dancers every weekend. When Andy Kochanski bought the bar just over four years ago, he reopened as Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall - a classic Milwaukee polka bar with a modern twist.


"It's Happiness" polkas through Wisconsin

Published March 28, 2007

At first, director Craig Dibiase was an outsider when it came to polka. After a lengthy discovery period and interviews, he has come to agree with all those smiling faces he's talked to: Polka is happiness.


Yum-yuck: Local foods that are tasty and wrong

Published April 25, 2005

Can you think of a food that's addicting but tastes weird or wrong? For some, it's fried bologna or Funyons, or any food you eat although it's a teence disturbing. Milwaukee is loaded with such foods.

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