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Articles tagged with '2012'


Braun expects to regain MVP form

Published March 3, 2015

The Milwaukee Brewers are about to begin their spring training schedule, which is the first test of Ryan Braun's repaired thumb. The former National League MVP feels he's healthy for the first time in years, and if he remains so he can return to that elite level of play.


Olympus has fallen ... many times: Five cinematic attacks on the White House

Published March 20, 2013

Washington D.C. just can't get a break. It's not enough that most people now associate the nation's capital with childish politicians who couldn't agree on the color of the sky if it meant admitting the opposite party was right. Now, the new action thriller "Olympus Has Fallen" wants to blow up the White House. It's not as though Hollywood hasn't done this before either.


The top Wisconsin sports stories of 2012

Published Dec. 31, 2012

The calendar is mere hours away from flipping to 2013, so let's take a look back at some of the more interesting sports-related stories of 2012, which include escort services, Olympians, block parties, a Fail Mary and much more!


Britney Spears and 2012 get the heave-ho

Published Dec. 28, 2012

It's been a long year, and two TV seasons and reruns and summer programming have come and gone. Just a few days after the season end of Simon Cowell's "X Factor," word is that Britney Spears won't be making a return as a judge on the talent competition show.


God save the British pub

Published July 31, 2012

I really wanted to get into the spirit of the 2012 London Olympics, and the Three Lions Pub in Shorewood showed me a right proper time.


Social Circle: What are your New Year's resolutions?

Published Jan. 1, 2012

We make 'em, often we break 'em, but resolutions are as much a part of the New Year as confetti in your champagne. So here we go, one more year of big plans to change our lives for the better. Cheers to that, Milwaukee.


2012 trend predictions

Published Dec. 27, 2011

I've been waving my manicured, trend-hungry hands over my crystal ball for what's going to be hot (or not) in 2012. If you care about being "on trend" or being a "girl on campus," as one of my dear buddies likes to call the "in-crowd" who unabashedly takes advantage of what's in style - often all at once. And if you don't give a flying fad or - better yet, like to go against the grain and rock skinny jeans when bell-bottoms are "in" - then this may be for you too.


Melvin ready to start building 2012 Brewers

Published Oct. 19, 2011

Three days after the 2011 season came to a disappointing end with a loss in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series, Brewers general manager Doug Melvin is ready to get back to work.


How are you spending doomsday?

Published May 18, 2011

According to some fundamentalists, this Saturday is the beginning of the end of the world. Well, I'd argue the beginning of the end started a long time ago. Like when "American Idol" debuted. But seriously, this weekend should be a good dry run for the wider group of conspiracy theorists who think the world will end in December 2012. That nonsense should make Y2K paranoia look like, well, Y2K reality.


Video of the Day: A very memorable movie trailer

Published Oct. 6, 2009

With repeated airings during football games and network shows, the trailer for John Cusack's upcoming movie "2012" is creating a buzz. When you think about it, that's what trailers are supposed to do.