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Articles tagged with 'MPD'


Common Ground tour highlights Sherman Park improvements

Published Sept. 24, 2016

More than 50 Common Ground leaders and members stuffed themselves like sardines into four large vans during a recent tour of Sherman Park and the neighborhood improvements spearheaded by Common Ground, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.


Huge jump in carjacking exposes problems in juvenile justice system

Published June 9, 2016

In a carjacking incident last week, police arrested two 12-year-old boys, a 13-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy. You don't have to be a public policy expert to see that the system is broken and it's going to take influence, power and money to get it fixed.


MPD officers go viral for saving, folding burned flag

Published Nov. 11, 2015

Between the Bucks game, theater, the GOP debate and various political demonstrations, Downtown Milwaukee was buzzing with activity last night. In the case of one demonstration, a protestor attempted to burn an American flag, but what happened after became the big story.


7 things you should know about MPD's body camera policy

Published Sept. 14, 2015

The Milwaukee Police Department has released operating procedures for police officers' use of body cameras. While the policy is still under review by the city's Fire and Police Commission, the cameras are expected to be in use at the end of September. Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service's Wyatt Massey reports seven things you should know about the new cameras and the policies behind them.


Body cameras for cops are a good idea but two-officer squads are even better

Published Sept. 3, 2015

It's fairly easy to understand why there is a mad rush to put body cameras on every police officer who hits the streets in America, including Milwaukee.There have been several incidents around the country, primarily black victims and white cops, that have in large part been responsible for increased cries for police oversight.


Get me out of Milwaukee?

Published June 18, 2013 joins the Milwaukee residency requirement debate by talking to Fire Captain Rich Matiszik who says he can't leave the city and move to the suburbs without quitting his job.