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Articles tagged with 'Trends'


47 crazy reasons you won't believe why I'm discussing "clickbait"

Published April 28, 2016

Angry readers, self-righteous writers and surly social media speculators are in a tizzy about an uptick in "clickbait," and in many respects, they have every right to be. In lots of cases, it's a bogus attempt to lure gullible readers, and ultimately, it won't and doesn't work.


Social Circle: Thoughts on small plate dining?

Published Oct. 5, 2014

It's Dining Month on and so this week, Social Circlers were asked, aptly, a dining-related question regarding their thoughts on small plate / tapas dining.


The "hairy stockings" are just stupid

Published June 19, 2013

An image of a woman wearing "hairy leg stockings" went viral recently, first on Sibo Weibo - kind of like China's version of Twitter - and later on other social media platforms including Facebook. What do you think about these?


Girly Skrillex

Published June 18, 2013

Ever the Madonna-esque fashion chameleon, Lindsay takes the plunge and goes in for the trendy half-shorn Skrillex haircut.


Designer's leather goods find a (h(om)e) in the Milwaukee market

Published March 26, 2013

Using eco-conscious leathers obtained from the excess inventory of upholstery companies and tanneries, Heather Hambrecht creates one-of-a-kind pieces that adorn - and facilitate - the everyday life of an urban professional. The line includes - among other things - handbags, cross-body vests, modular garments and smaller accessories like wallets.


What's old is new again: Milwaukee reclaims the lost art of pastry

Published Jan. 18, 2013

Look around and you'll see an endless resurgence of ancient foods and techniques that faded away, but that are quickly returning to the mainstream. One great example is artisan bread. Another is the art of pastry. Both are seeing a revival in Milwaukee, and there's nowhere the trend is more evident than at Rocket Baby Bakery in Wauwatosa.


Milwaukee wedding trend: Comfort food

Published Oct. 7, 2012

These days, comfort food is everywhere, including on catering menus. Guests' year-round menu expectation of spiral ham, green beans and boxed mashed potatoes is long gone (unless, of course, you want to serve it!). If you're a food-lover who's planning a party, Milwaukee is the place to be.


Belly takes a new approach to the customer loyalty program

Published Sept. 16, 2012

Belly is a digital customer loyalty program for small and medium-sized businesses that was founded last year in Chicago. One of the fastest-growing tech start-ups in the Midwest, it was introduced to Milwaukee businesses six months ago and is now used by over 100 area merchants.


Have you "Eastwooded?"

Published Aug. 31, 2012

The RNC seemed to be politics as usual until last night, when Clint Eastwood took the stage to speak to the convention - and the empty chair next to him.


Downtown's new vision is big and bold

Published May 23, 2012

Last week, a national consultant presented "The Top 10 Global Trends Affecting Downtowns and How To Respond in Milwaukee" at a symposium held at The Pfister Hotel. Big and bold ideas came out of the high energy meeting.


Looking for exciting dining? Just follow the Trail of Crumbs

Published May 17, 2012

Google the term "pop-up dinner" and you'll be greeted by hundreds of results from restaurants all over the country and beyond. While the concept is nothing new, underground dinners held in random locations are gaining in popularity, and Milwaukee-area residents are taking note.