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Articles tagged with 'blizzard'


This cold snap has nothing on 1913

Published Nov. 11, 2014

Can you imagine how social media would've melted down exactly 101 years ago? Nov. 11, 2013 was the end of the "Big Blow," the "Freshwater Fury" or the "White Hurricane," a hurricane-force blizzard that killed more than 250 people and and destroyed 19 ships.


Social Circle: Is naming winter storms a good idea?

Published Dec. 23, 2012

According to The Weather Channel, naming a storm raises awareness and makes it easier to follow a weather system's progress, reference in print / conversation and to remember. However, many members of the Social Circle aren't buying it.


Thursday snow update: Few inches in Milwaukee, paralyzing blizzard west

Published Dec. 20, 2012

Today's storm will not have a major impact on the city of Milwaukee and adjacent communities. Yes, there will be snow. Plus, it will be brutally windy by Thursday afternoon and evening. But the snow accumulation and its on impact on travel in the city of Milwaukee will be nothing compared to what will happen in southwest, central and northeast Wisconsin.


Snowstorm update: Milwaukee, meh; worst west

Published Dec. 18, 2012

The first big snow-producing storm system of the season will plow across Wisconsin Wednesday and Thursday, possibly bringing blizzard conditions to some locations.


Will it snow Thursday?

Published Dec. 17, 2012

All systems go for big storm system to impact Wisconsin on Wednesday night and Thursday. There are still plenty of fluctuations in the computer models, leading to typical uncertainty in the system's ultimate track.


Are snow blowers worth the money?

Published Jan. 22, 2012

So I decided I would buy a snow blower. And so I went to a few stores that sell snow blower. And I froze with sticker shock.


The Fonzie touch

Published Feb. 3, 2011

Bronze or otherwise, the power of Fonzie was in the frigid, post-blizzard Milwaukee air. May The Fonz be with you.


Why I love blizzards

Published Feb. 3, 2011

Other than a few inconveniences, blizzards are a lot of fun -- at least for the first few. Here's what I love about them most.


Trapped and snowbound by neighbors' indifference

Published Feb. 2, 2011

Giant blizzards are fun, and I found out the hard way a few years ago that sometimes you can't just drive through them. This time around, though, I got up early and spent 90 minutes snowblowing. Too bad it doesn't really matter.


Beat the snow by bicycle

Published Feb. 2, 2011

I pulled my ride out of the snowbank, shook it off and pushed it to the street. I was going to ride my bike to work no matter what!


Scenes from Blizzardwest

Published Feb. 2, 2011

In case you haven't seen enough photos of snow and ice today, here are a bunch more that were taken in Riverwest.


This publisher's dream week

Published Feb. 1, 2011

Between the Super Bowl, the launch of Bar Month and the blizzard of the century (allegedly), this week marks a trifecta of big Milwaukee news events all converging at the same time.