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Irish pub guide

Published June 28, 2017

Milwaukee may be a city with strong German roots, but when it comes to pubs, we're as Irish as Brian Boru. Here's a guide to spots where you can kick back, relax, raise a pint and toast slainte.


First look: Red Lion Pub

Published Dec. 6, 2014

Red Lion Pub, 1850 N. Water St., opened last night. Here's a first look at the new British-themed pub and eatery.


Updated: Brocach to become The Red Lion

Published Oct. 11, 2014

After seven years, Brocach Irish Pub and Restaurant, 1850 N. Water St., will close its doors. A new establishment, called Red Lion Pub, will take over the space.


Milwaukee's best bar for day drinking, 2014

Published Feb. 3, 2014

Believe it not, for as popular as day drinking is in Milwaukee, this category has not been a part of the Best of Bars voting since The Nomad won in 2009. Who took home the crown this year?


Sometimes it pays to be flighty: Tasting options in Milwaukee

Published Feb. 6, 2013

For many, the best way to learn about a beverage is to taste different types side by side. Flights are an excellent way to take note of the differences - whether it be the profile of the fruit, the tannins, the sweetness, texture or acid - between various wines, beers or spirits.


Open jams let musicians stretch out

Published Nov. 12, 2012

Jam sessions are a great way for musicians to learn improvisation and meet kindred spirits. Local guitarist Michael Hecker shares his favorite weekly jam sessions with


Trivia and Bucks make a good day

Published March 9, 2012

Jim's lifelong quest nearly came to an end his first night in Milwaukee as a full-time staffer - during a trivia session no less - and succeeded in his mission to not lose anyone's treasured pet. Oh, he has some Bucks thoughts, too.


Our favorite breakfast spots

Published Sept. 24, 2011

October is Dining Month on, but the editors are already talking a lot about food. Here are their favorite places to dig into their first meal of the day and chime in with your breakfast hot spot.


Milwaukee's best restaurant bar, 2011: Milwaukee Ale House

Published Feb. 15, 2011

With its regular live music performances, a collection of delicious micro-brews made on the spot, and a surprisingly warm and friendly atmosphere for its size, it's no surprise readers chose the Milwaukee Ale House, 233 N. Water St., as 2011's best bar in a restaurant.


An international bar crawl right here at home

Published Feb. 15, 2011

While you won't likely fool yourself into thinking you're in another country while tippling in this town, you can sample a world of flavors in Brew City taverns. Here are some bars you can include on your own little international bar crawl right here in Milwaukee. Add your favorites using the Talkback feature at the bottom.


On the town in Milwaukee: Planning for St. Patty's

Published March 12, 2010

Whether you're looking for a cozy snug, traditional Irish stew, live Irish ballad or a green beer at 6 a.m., Milwaukee's got you covered. Take a liking to an authentic Irish pub or find a spot with great "Irish" deals just for the day.


Shepherd's pie: Crusty in a good way

Published Dec. 13, 2009

Shepherd's pie -- sometimes referred to as "cottage pie" -- is one of the staples in the world of English / Irish comfort food. The dish was invented in the 1700s as a way to maximize leftover meat and potatoes, and still serves that purpose today. Here is a list of Milwaukee restaurants that serve shepherd's pie.


St. Patrick's Scene: Brocach

Published March 17, 2009

Around dinner time tonight, there was a good mix of diners and drinkers at Brocach; not the crazy Water Street crowd and I honestly didn't see many that I would guessed had been out since 6 a.m.