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Articles tagged with 'fans'


Brewers announce casting call for special fan photo shoot

Published Nov. 28, 2016

The Brewers are calling all fans who want to show their team pride in a casting call for a special photo shoot at Miller Park this Thursday through Saturday. With this casting call, Milwaukee will be capturing fan photos for use in its 2017 marketing campaign.


Packers fans named best in the NFL

Published Aug. 21, 2014

People love the Green Bay Packers, both in Wisconsin and around the country. But exactly HOW much do they love them? Enough to be named the best fans in the country? Forbes got to the bottom of it with a new ranking.


Packers or Brewers? Fans will have to decide on Sept. 4

Published Aug. 5, 2014

In a state where there is just one football team and just one baseball team to root for, loyalties are never divided. But on Sept. 4, the heart of the Wisconsin sports fan will be divided. It'll be Packers vs. Brewers. Which side will you choose?


Brewers fans are in a miserable marriage

Published July 10, 2014

The Milwaukee Brewers have played 92 games. The team has been in first place for 89 of them. Yet if you take the temperature of the fan base on talk radio and social media, it seems like no one outside the ballpark is happy about it. Well, some research bears out that Brewers fans are in an unhappy marriage with their team - just like their neighbors 90 miles to the south.


Step up your game, Bucks fans

Published Jan. 2, 2014

I hear it all over Milwaukee - Bucks fans are liking what's going on with this year's team. The losing doesn't bother them, because it may mean a No. 1 draft pick. I hear people are excited about the prospects for the team. So ... where are all these people?


Social Circle: Does the outcome of games affect your mood?

Published Sept. 29, 2013

It's football season and for some fans the outcome of their favorite team's games affects their mood for the rest of the day or even into the next. Other fans are not as affected and non fans, of course, don't care at all. What about you?


Soccer had me feeling like an American

Published July 30, 2013

As I watched the United States team win a soccer match, I wouldn't have minded having one of those tiny flags that kids put on their bicycles for a parade on the Fourth of July. I'd have waved it. Minimally. But still waving. Soccer. Are you kidding me?


Why the sudden anger toward Axford?

Published April 6, 2013

Milwaukee Brewers closer John Axford was booed off the field during the team's season-opening series against Colorado. It's a little premature for such an act.


Packers fans + Style Network = Reality TV show?

Published Dec. 9, 2012

Producers from Style Network were in Green Bay last week auditioning Green Bay Packers fans for a new reality show that will focus on Packers fans and their, well, fandom.


Bucks, Brewers, Packers Oh My - a necessary fan guide

Published Oct. 2, 2012

There is a moment fast approaching that will herald a unique time and will plays an incredible burden on Wisconsin sports fans. In a week or so it is possible all three of our professionals sports teams will be in action. The Brewers, Packers and Bucks will all be at some point in their seasons. Here are some ideas for handling all three at once.


A question of loyalty: What do fans owe franchises?

Published Oct. 20, 2009

It's easy to be a fan during the good times. Bandwagons bustle when teams win. What about the lean years? Our teams ask us for support and in exchange they owe us expertise and effort and an honest striving for victory. Most fans can live with losing, as long as they feel that the effort is genuine. Is rooting for the home team part of our civic duty?