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Articles tagged with 'foundation'


Bartender Games: Thunder Chickens

Published Feb. 19, 2015

The Thunder Chickens aim to be truly, well, thunderous for the Bartender Games on Wednesday, Feb. 25 at Turner Hall Ballroom.


Local bars flip off television

Published Dec. 6, 2014

Most bars in Milwaukee - and beyond - have a television or televisions. Originally, it was difficult to even come up with a few local bars without TVs, but eventually realized there are more than one might think.


Milwaukee's best theme bar, 2014

Published Feb. 27, 2014

As we've unveiled the winners of the 2014 Best of Bars reader poll throughout the month, there have been a few surprises along the way - but there have also been a few dynasties that have continued to claim the top spot in their respective category. This one is no different.


Featured bartender: Foundation's Ed Makowski

Published Feb. 5, 2013

Ed Makowski has worked at Foundation, Riverwest's punk rock skater hangout turned breathtaking tiki bar, for eight years. Makowski is also a poet who published two collections of poetry and served as The Pfister Narrator from November 2011 to April 2012.


Best theme bar, 2012: Safe House

Published Feb. 18, 2012

Just like it does each and every single year, Safe House took home the readers' pick for best theme bar, trouncing second-place finisher, Old German Beer Hall. Not bad for a place that doesn't even have a a sign.


Milwaukee's best Riverwest bar, 2011: The Mad Planet

Published Feb. 24, 2011

For the first time in the history of the Best Bars & Clubs survey, readers did not pick The Tracks as their favorite Riverwest bar. Instead, the top prize goes to The Mad Planet.


Local bartenders mix booze-less "mocktails"

Published Nov. 20, 2010

In Milwaukee, almost any bartender will mix up a drink sans booze, also called a "mocktail" or "kiddie cocktail." But for a fancy non-alcoholic drink, Bryant's, 1579 S. 9th St., seems to be the place. Then again, Foundation will concoct a tasty virgin tiki, too.


Milwaukee's best theme bar, 2010: Safe House

Published Feb. 18, 2010

Apparently, Milwaukeeans are dying for a place to hide out. In this "best of" category, readers chose the Safe House for the second year in a row for best theme bar in town.


Uncorked: In search of delicious summer cocktails

Published June 5, 2009

Even though it may seem like summer doesn't want to quite get here, inevitably it will, and we will turn our complaining from "It's too cold" to "It's too hot." With the warm sunny days ahead, it's time to head out on the town to see who is serving up some great summertime cocktails. Whether you prefer Mai Tais, mojitos, Moscow mules, margaritas or tasty beers, you can find a place to cool off in Milwaukee.

Omcrecs040209_storyflow Recommends: April 2, 2009

Published April 2, 2009

The editorial staff was busy perpetrating April Fool's pranks this week, but that didn't stop us from our required recommending. This week, we talk about a tiki drink from Foundation, another great iPhone application, a nice spot for lunch, a summer skin-care necessity, a couple great CDs, a delicious (and healthy) dessert / snack and -- believe it or not -- some tasty instant coffee.


Best Riverwest bar, 2009: Nessun Dorma

Published Feb. 26, 2009

For the third year in a row, readers picked Nessun Dorma as Riverwest's best bar. The pub -- which is also a popular restaurant -- offers 80 different kinds of beer and lager, as well as a few dozen types of wine by the glass or bottle, including red, white, sparkling, sake and more.