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Articles tagged with 'martinis'


Featured bartender: Brion Sohns at Vitucci's

Published Aug. 1, 2013

Recently, we stopped by the iconic cocktail lounge and chatted with Sohns about Salt Lake City, flying, Door County and a new Somersby drink that's very popular at Vitucci's this summer.


Featured bartender: This Is It's Tom Momberg

Published Feb. 19, 2013

Bartender Tom Momberg from This Is It found some time to take questions about working at a gay bar, drinks, motorcycles and killing off the bar's hideous carpet - found on both the ground and the walls.


Ginger's pepper martini wows

Published Dec. 17, 2010

My roommate's birthday was a great excuse to get a group together for tapas, but if Ginger's Butternut Squash is involved any excuse will do.


Wrap up bar month with dessert in a glass

Published Feb. 28, 2010

Like a filling dinner,'s annual Bar Month is winding down and now that the final course has been brought to the table, we've all earned a sweet dessert. So, what better way to wrap up a satisfying month of stories about the local bar scene than with some local dessert drinks recipes.


Milwaukee best martinis, 2010: Hi-Hat Lounge

Published Feb. 15, 2010

The key to mixing a great martini is knowing what to leave out. When ordered without directions, the bartender should put in just enough vermouth to barely coat the shaker -- then dump it out. When a customer orders one dry, it's more about the essence of vermouth than including any measurable quantity.


Sunday Sound-off: Are martini bars dead?

Published Feb. 15, 2009

Milwaukee welcomed a smattering of swanky 'tini lounges during the past decade, some of which are still around, a couple of which didn't make it. What are your thoughts on this? In general, are martini bars timeless or are they done?


Soho 7 a fashionable new addition to Third Ward

Published Jan. 22, 2008

Dubbing it a "true lounge," owner Bobby Head says Soho 7 is for the crowd that has matured past the waste-face Water Street scene and is looking for a nicer space to sip a drink.


Bad girls need a night out, too

Published Nov. 28, 2007

Every Tuesday night at 8 p.m., The Social transforms into a den of guilty – and not-so-guilty – pleasures


Four bartenders compete in "Milwaukee Cocktail Contest"

Published Feb. 1, 2007

It's the first day of "Bar Month," and in its honor, launches the "Milwaukee Cocktail Contest." Four Milwaukee bartenders will compete in the contest by concocting a "Milwaukee" cocktail. Readers, we want your recipes, too!


New Lemon lounge worth squeezing into the schedule

Published Oct. 31, 2006

With a caboodle of flickering candles, a super-clean feel and striking paintings on the walls, a little East Side lounge called Lemon packs a lot of punch -- as do owner Michael Sottile's life stories.


Dream lounge gets all jazzed up at Potawatomi

Published March 10, 2005

There's a new attraction at Potawatomi Bingo Casino, and it shares little in common with the potentially overwhelming bells and whistles found on the gaming floor. Dream is a late-night jazz experience tucked away on the casino's second level.