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Articles tagged with 'singles'


Nerds at Heart brings singles together

Published June 8, 2012

Are you looking for your nerdy soulmate? Do you long to have meaningful, hour-long conversations with your partner about why Firefly should never have been cancelled or a lively debate about the canonical anachronisms of the 2009 Star Trek movie? If the answer is yes, you'll want to come down to Karma Bar & Grill on June 24.


Is this the year for "Anti-Valentine's Day?"

Published Feb. 11, 2009

The "Anti-Valentine's Day" craze begs the question, does Valentine's Day have to be a love-it-or-hate-it kind of holiday? If you're single, do you automatically throw any lover's sentiment to the wind with a scoff and a "Hallmark holiday" quip?


Milwaukee still ranks for singles

Published Sept. 27, 2008

This month, has another one of its lists. This time it's a follow up to its 2006 "Best Places to be Single" rank. Milwaukee, once again, lands in the top 30.


St. Francis gets its Fixx

Published Nov. 15, 2007

With all the condos going up along the lake, St. Francis resident Shari Franz saw a perfect spot for her new coffee shop, Fixx Coffee House.


Ferry cross the egg nog

Published Dec. 6, 2006

Well, OK, it will only be Dec. 8 when Detroit power pop trio The Singles play at Points East Pub, but the band's "Baby It's Christmas" will certainly get everyone in the mood for egg nog and yule log.


Dating need not be a quagmire of fear

Published May 18, 2002

Meeting people has become easy thanks to a number of organizations focused on bringing Milwaukeeans together for friendship and, maybe, an enduring love relationship.