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Farewell to the Chief?

Published May 25, 2011

It's been two years since we caught up with Milwaukee's own rawk rawyalty, namely Chief - a band I like to compare to Thin Lizzy but which frontman Chris Tischler has likened to Van Halen, UFO and Judas Priest. The media silence is mostly because the trio - comprising hard working Brew City music scene stalwarts Dave Benton on bass, Matt Liban on drums and singer and guitarist Tishler - has been on hiatus, keeping itself silent, too.


Gig roundup: A rock and roll Bay View bar crawl

Published Nov. 29, 2010

Barhopping with College Dave appears to be one of the most beloved bar crawls in Milwaukee these days. And certainly that deserved. But, what if you want to combine a pub crawl with a zest for live music? Here's an easy one you can do Friday night in Bay View that features two local bands and another from Chicago.


Roll up for Beatallica's "Masterful Mystery Tour"

Published July 29, 2009

Beatallica is one of Milwaukee's longest-running musical gags. But the thing is, if you've seen the band or heard one of its three CDs, you know that the concept - that of marrying the music and style of the Beatles with the music and style of Metallica - is a winner and that it takes a lot of skill, humor and cojones to make it work.


MiniKISS show at Pabst falls a little short

Published Nov. 1, 2006

Watching "the littlest KISS tribute band in the world" drove home an important reminder about Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and the full-size group: it was never really about the music.


Sony/ATV Music takes aim at Milwaukee's Beatallica

Published Feb. 24, 2005

Local musical parody group Beatallica got a shock last week when its Internet Service Provider received a cease and desist order via e-mail and fax from Sony/ATV Music demanding the removal of the bulk of the band's Web site.

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