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Milwaukee UP: WC Tank's "Painghosty Dreamlaughs" could be brilliant

Published Dec. 2, 2011

WC Tank seems to be cut from the same cloth of an early Beck Hansen. He goes in and out of singing and rapping and plays with his voice, acknowledging it as an instrument and not just a vehicle with which to say words. Tank's latest project, an album called "Painghosty Dreamlaughs," is often a frantic and engaging album, mostly because of the intrigue to see where Tank will go with the next song.


Road music

Published Nov. 9, 2011

For every reoccurring road trip in my life, I tend to play a certain soundtrack. It's because I'm a creature of habit, of course, but the cool part is that whenever I hear one of the songs somewhere else, my mind wanders to its happy place.


Falling back into "Odelay"

Published Oct. 14, 2008

Considering I've long declared Beck's "Odelay" to be the first or second best album of the '90s, I was more than a little surprised to find my CD in the basement the other day. I was stunned to find that I never ripped it to iTunes, which meant somehow, I haven't listened to the complete disc in several years.


Where are they now: Jeff Castelaz

Published May 2, 2006

It's almost hard to imagine Milwaukee still has a music scene since Jeff Castelaz left town. Certainly there was one before he appeared, but it hasn't been the same since he left his mark, before moving out to Los Angeles in 2000.

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