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Brandon & Monta, Milwaukee's new "Laverne & Shirley"

Published Feb. 22, 2013

Laverne DiFazio and Shirley Feeney don't live here anyone, and really they never did. Nonetheless, the 1980s TV series of the same name is stuck in pop culture lore. The NBA helps to preserve Milwaukee's place in sitcom history with a new spot that features the Bucks backcourt of Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis.


OnMedia: My picks for TV's top shows of 2009

Published Dec. 21, 2009

As the year ends, it's time to look back at what I watched because I want to -- not because I'm paid to watch TV ... And, while Festivus is Dec. 23, the episode of "Seinfeld" that introduced it to us airs tonight.

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A day at the beach

The string bikini when worn the way it was meant (on thin, tanned bodies) is a thing of beauty. When worn like it was right out of someone's nightmare, is just that....a nightmare. A fun casual day at the beach can turn into mayhem when a large woman who refuses to accept the fact that she i...

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