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The demise of "all you can drink nights"

Published March 22, 2017

In Milwaukee, few bars have "all you can drink" nights anymore. Adam "Hawk" Griffin, owner of Fire on Water, offered it at his bar every Thursday night for years, but got rid of it in 2016.



Published Feb. 22, 2011

I'm no drunkorexic, but I can relate to this. Occasionally, I have been offered a dessert or a second slice of pizza and I said, only half jokingly, "Thanks, but I am saving my caloric intake for beer."


According to test, everyone I know is an alcoholic

Published May 11, 2009

If this test is accurate, then I should notify the fine folks at Johns Hopkins that pretty much everyone I know in Milwaukee under 50 (and some over 50) are alcoholics. But perhaps its logic is a little flawed.

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