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Reader's Blogs tagged with 'basketball'

Buck Wild: Oy Vey

Full disclosure: I had to work last night, so I did not see the game. That said, I'll leave the opinions and comments to you all and the scribes at the game.BUT - the Minnesota Timberwolves?That's two bad losses to open the season against two of the worst teams in the league.Doh.

Buck Wild: Bogus Bogut?

Well, the big man had to sit out this pre-season game with a migraine, and on JSOnline people are already wondering what's up with Andrew Bogut. Like concussions, migraines are nothing to sneeze at - or question. It's not an "play through pain" type thing. They're debilitating an...

Lonely Longhorns

 John Madden once said “the only yardstick for success our society has is being a champion. No one remembers anything else.” Measuring the Longhorn football team against the Longhorn basketball team would be an unfair comparison. Yet if John Madden is right, it’s no wonder ...