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"Iron Man" Joe Grim found fame with a thick skull

Published Jan. 7, 2013

After one of the world's most famous athletes showed his stuff in Milwaukee 107 years ago Jan. 5, a newspaper sports reporter pronounced him "a nerveless, brainless, freak of human idiocy." Those were layman's terms, of course, but a few years earlier medical experts came to virtually the same conclusion about boxer Joe Grim.


"Long John" Hubbard made his name both in and out of the ring

Published Dec. 8, 2012

Fifty-nine years ago this month a Milwaukee heavyweight boxer called "Long John" Hubbard got what was coming to him for putting up what a newspaper called "the best fight of his career." Three months in the House of Correction.


From boxer to counterfeiter: the life of Cornelius J. O'Leary

Published March 17, 2012

Heralded in the Milwaukee Sentinel a few years earlier as a noted "poet, philosopher, former pug and barkeeper," Cornelius J. O'Leary was 60 years old when his life turned on a dime in 1918. It was a counterfeit dime.

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