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"Red 2" provides same old killers, same old shenanigans

Published July 19, 2013

Some movies are made to be remembered, to leave their mark on viewers for better or worse. Others are made to exist, make money and get tossed away like an empty bucket of popcorn as soon as the credits roll. "Red 2" is in the latter category.


"The Cold Light of Day" thankfully fades from memory

Published Sept. 8, 2012

"The Cold Light of Day" fits nicely into this subcategory of vanilla action films. It boasts some well-known actors, and the lack of publicity ensures the film will be doomed at the box office. However, even with the bar set so low an ant would struggle to get under it, this incredibly incompetent thriller still manages to fall short of its almost non-existent expectations.


Found Footage Festival returns home to Wisconsin

Published Dec. 12, 2009

When the fifth Found Footage Festival comes to the Oriental Theater this week, it will be a homecoming not only for founders Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett, but also for the festival, which got its start when Prueher and Pickett found an insipid McDonald's training video in the break room of a Stoughton fast food restaurant. Also, The Times hosts a stop on another nation-wide film tour.

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Rev. Ron reviews "Red 2"

It's been awhile since I've seen Red and, other than thinking that Morgan Freeman probably got paid way more than he needed to be for his limited amount of screen time, I really enjoyed the film. It was a great comic book adaptation/summer popcorn action film that was just plain fun to sit throug...

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