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Rihanna voiced some of her new CD in Milwaukee

Published Nov. 15, 2010

R&B singer Rihanna releases her fifth album, "Loud," tomorrow on Def Jam Records, and Spin Magazine predicts it will sell millions of copies. That means potentially millions of people will read in the credits that two of the record's 11 songs -- "Cheers (Drink to That)" and the ballad "California King Bed" -- were recorded at The Burst Collective's Tosa village studio Burst HQ back in August.


Trance Halo weathers the storm to emerge with EP

Published March 14, 2010

Not long after it released its debut disc, "Bender," in 2007, Milwaukee hard rock outfit Trance Halo hit a bump in the road as two of the band's members departed. But it wasn't long before remaining members Belle Dorn and London J. recruited lead guitarist Chris Radomski and drummer Russ Fink. Now there's a new EP out.


Moffitt nabs FameCast's top prize

Published Dec. 14, 2007

Milwaukee singer and songwriter Julie Moffitt won FameCast's Season 3 Singer/Songwriter Fenom in Austin, Texas , beating out competition from around the country and even beyond.

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