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Here's to long hellos and goodbyes

Published July 19, 2013

Mike Lescarbeau, CEO of Carmichael Lynch, a branding and creative agency in Minneapolis, had a great piece last week on Huffington Post.


Ad successful when it can silence a room

Published Feb. 4, 2013

Millions of people were speaking of the advertisements the day after the Super Bowl, and that's really what all of those millions were spent on.


Man Law No. 1: Thou must boost sales

Published Jan. 30, 2007

Miller Lite's series of "Man Law" commercials were memorable, well-received and beginning to seep into the pop culture lexicon. So, why did the company shelve the spots? Because they weren't selling beer. A local ad guy weighs in.


Milwaukee Talks: Kevin Brandt, 2004

Published March 23, 2004

Four years in the life of WKLH's Kevin Brandt is enough to slow anybody down, and KB will be the first to admit that he's mellowed out a bit since we first talked to him in 2000. We caught up with him again in this latest Milwaukee Talks.

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