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Milwaukee actress Bonesho prepares herself for the big stage

Published Oct. 12, 2013

The first time I saw Alexandra Bonesho was in Next Act Theatre's outstanding production of "Microcrisis" last fall. The play had an absolute powerhouse of a cast. David Cecsarini, John Kishline, Lee Palmer, Michael Cotey and Erica Cruz Hernandez were all there, each with a boatload of credits and awards. And then there was Bonesho.


"Cartoon" draws out the best of Youngblood

Published Dec. 1, 2012

Leave it to the boys and girls of the Youngblood Theatre Company to set our heads a-spinning. Youngblood likes to talk about its theatrical efforts as being "cutting edge." Well, this time they cut the edge completely off and left us dangling on a ledge without a safety net below.


Coming soon: "Cartoon"

Published Nov. 20, 2012

Leave it to the boys and girls at Youngblood Theatre Company to continue their mission of bringing offbeat, challenging and colorful theatre to Milwaukee audiences. They are set to test and entertain us again when they open "Cartoon" Nov. 30 for a couple-week run.

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Rev. Ron reviews "Turbo"

It's pretty standard to have animated movies be about characters looking to achieve a dream that everyone else thinks is insane. Wall-E dreamed of cleaning the Earth and getting his freak on with Eve. Pinocchio dreamed of being a real boy despite the fact he lived with an old man that never had a...

Rev. Ron reviews "Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox"

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard Flashpoint was the latest animated film from DC was, "I haven't read those issues in awhile...did my buddy ever return them?" After that thought, I was all like, "Hell yeah, I can't wait to watch it because I love DC's animated mo...

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