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Downtown: Free ping pong celebrates the U.S. Table Tennis Open

Published June 30, 2011

International athletes, including a delegation from China, will show you how ping pong is done at the U.S. Table Tennis Open at the Frontier Airlines Center this weekend. Check out the event, or try your hand at the game at one of many free tables around town.

Reader blogs:

Frozen in time

Ask an athlete to pinpoint the exact second of a big victory, and often the best they can say is, "it was a blur."There's competition, then success, then a mob scene, then they're being asked to describe what just happened, which they rarely do with any detail or coherence.But a photo c...

Going home again

He’s a North Shore guy through and through. Joe Hammes (No. 24, above) grew up in Cedarburg. His parents still live there, and attend all the Wave home games. Joe and his wife, Katie, live just down the way in Mequon, and when he’s not playing for the Wave he’s the director of c...

Too many to choose from

Where do you even start to talk about a single championship moment from the 2005 MISL Finals?Game 1 saw the Wave rally from a four-goal deficit to force overtime late, then win it in OT. Game 2 was a double-overtime ulcer-inducer, with Todd Dusosky winning the championship for the Wave. Each game...

Bottling Success

Peter J. Wilt has earned championship rings and record business growth for professional soccer teams in three different American soccer leagues. Known best for his time as founding GM of the Chicago Fire, Wilt is now the president and CEO of the Milwaukee Wave. He shares his "Championshi...

What's Your Championship Moment?

We could call it your "Shining Moment," but fear the CBS lawyers attacking at dawn in an armada of BMWs. Plus, the whole thing has become too cheesy, a once-touching tribute to once-in-a-lifetime emotion now just a parody of itself. What we're really talking about are those goose...

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