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When in doubt, simplify

Published Jan. 10, 2015

Stuff. It's everywhere! Closets. Tabletops. Nooks. Crannies. Attics. Basements. Garages. Sheds. Storage units. Pick a place, area, room or horizontal surface; chances are it's filled with clutter. When the stuff you own owns you, how do you respond? Do you add to it or fight back? The choice is yours, and the battle can begin anytime, anywhere.

Reader blogs:

Positive Shrinkage

Sunday August 25th, 2013 – Fox Lake, IL    I’m still working hard every day at purging myself of clutter. I have been spending a lot of time sorting through my mountain of junk in the last few weeks hoping to shrink it to less than a mole hill. If I have my way, I’l...

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