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Milwaukee Talks: Bob and Brian

Published May 16, 2006

Over the course of nearly two decades, Bob Madden and Brian Nelson have transformed their morning radio show from scrappy upstart to a Milwaukee institution that is now exported throughout the state. They discuss the journey in a Milwaukee Talks interview with OMC's Drew Olson.


Sports conspiracies still alive and kicking

Published Jan. 25, 2006

When Mike Vanderjagt shanked the game-tying field goal against the Steelers, it was certainly a tragedy. But was it a crime? Czabe ponders in this week's column.


One white guy columnist's racial truths in sports

Published Nov. 2, 2005

Sports columnists in every medium are weighing in lately with their take on race issues in sports. Just talking about it has ignited a firestorm of controversy. Agree or disagree, here's yet another opinion, this time from OMC national sports columnist -- and middle-class white guy, Steve Czaban.


The four levels of "sports jerks"

Published Oct. 22, 2004

Lately, it's been hard for Czabe to be a sports fan. The unending drumbeat of negative stories, from the unsavory to the selfish, shows no sign of letting up. These athletes fall under four categories of sports jerks.

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