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PETA's "Got zits?" billboard breaks out in Milwaukee

Published May 15, 2013

A new PETA billboard on West Lisbon Avenue shows a teen with a pimple-covered face, a milk mustache and the words, "Got zits? Studies Show: Milk and Cheese Trigger Acne. Ditch Dairy."


Meet the 65th Alice In Dairyland

Published June 15, 2012

In May, Rochelle Ripp from Lodi was crowned the 65th Alice In Dairyland. Although she wears a crown and a sash, don't confuse her with a Miss-America-type beauty queen.


Let Wisconsin's dairy map lead you to a fun and cheesy day out

Published June 9, 2012

Wisconsin is America's Dairyland and from thumb (Door County) to pinky (Gransburg), there are cheese makers, creameries and cheese shops across the state. Of course, the Internet is your friend in searching for places you can visit to buy fresh cheese and to see it made right before you eyes. But even more user-friendly is the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board's "A Traveler's Guide to America's Dairyland."

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