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Televised gubernatorial debates are a colossal waste of time and effort

Published Oct. 16, 2014

The second and last televised debate between Scott Walker and Mary Burke is tomorrow night from 7 to 8 p.m. and I've got a couple of suggestions for you. Walk your dog. Clip your toenails. Call your mother. Organize your kitchen cupboard. Order a pizza. Clean out your email folders. Sleep. Anything! Anything to avoid this farce being perpetrated on the people of Wisconsin.


Second screen key for broadcasting future

Published Oct. 16, 2012

When Barack Obama and Mitt Romney answer questions in tonight's town hall-style presidential debate, an entire global conversation will be taking place on what's called the second screen.

Reader blogs:

Lowering Expectations

I, like many others, tuned in to watch the debate between two national politicians as they rallied to demonstrate they were worthy of being voted second in command of the United States. Though entertaining, there wasn't much to learn. It is thrilling to finally have a case for media hype, however...

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