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OnMedia: A busy, busy few days

Published Nov. 14, 2011

Yes, it does sound like Christmas on the radio. ... Two departures from Channel 4. ... Lots of Emmys for Channel 6.


The weirdest of work requests

Published Oct. 11, 2010

Most of us have pretty normal jobs, working for the weekend just like everybody else. That's not say, however, that within our jobs, really weird stuff doesn't happen all the time. In fact, polling a few Milwaukeeans everyone was quick to point out a time when in their very normal job, someone asked them to do something very, very abnormal.


Milwaukee Talks: Diane Pathieu, Channel 4 news

Published Sept. 21, 2010

Channel 4 anchor and reporter Diane Pathieu always figured she'd end up working in Milwaukee. The Chicago native visited Wisconsin as a kid, but her career in radio and TV brought her through Iowa before landing here. We caught up with Pathieu in this latest Milwaukee Talks.

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