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Hidden Gem: The Uptowner

Published July 7, 2017

The Uptowner in Riverwest is 133 years old and continues to offer authentic "Milwaukee corner bar" experiences.


No Wisconsin bars on Post's list of America's most authentic dives?

Published May 8, 2017

Dive bars, like the lingering vague smells that inhabit them, are difficult to exactly define. And, certainly, no national list of eight of them is going to be definitive. But still, this recent Washington Post list of America's most authentic dive bars is a bunch of crap.


Hidden Gem: My Office

Published May 5, 2017

Over the last 15 years, as the city around it has changed, My Office has mostly stayed the same, hiding in plain sight in the heart of Downtown, a gem to its loyal regulars and a pleasant surprise to those who step in to the dive bar and restaurant for the first time.


Featured bartender: Mark's Sports Pub's Lisa Simonson

Published May 24, 2012

Lisa Simonson likes dive bars. In fact, the 24-year-old marketing professional by day likes them so much, she works at two of them, while waitressing at a third. "You can sleep when you're dead," she says with a smile. We caught up with Simonson at Mark's Sports Pub, 4035 S. Clement Ave., where she explained why regulars are friendly, funnier and more apt to start a fight when they see a patron who's wet his pants.


On the town in Milwaukee: Diving into your local tap

Published July 12, 2009

In some Milwaukee neighborhoods, nearly every corner is pegged with a small, local tavern catering to the surrounding community. As such, the connotation of the "dive bar" becomes a hazy one. Usually typified by outdated surroundings, cheap drinks and a crowd of regulars rounding the bar each and every night, "dive bar" has come to mean something specific yet something very vague.

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