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I vote for AnnieCare

Published May 1, 2013

I am one of those people who are interested in health care issues and all the arguments about what kind of health care we should have in this country. Farmer/Physicians Blue This and Green That. Let's even forget Obamacare, although I kind of like that one. I vote for AnnieCare.


Golden Gloves event needs doctor to finish tournament

Published April 17, 2013

The Wisconsin Golden Gloves is required to have a doctor to perform pre-match physicals and to be ringside through its tournament of champions this Saturday, but the doctor originally in place will not be able to attend. Tournament organizers are currently searching for a physician.


When OPO attacks

Published Dec. 11, 2012

The effect of other people's opinions (OPO) can be extremely powerful. Input from a collective group can be helpful, valuable and quite constructive. On the flipside, there are times when unsolicited OPO makes its way into your life.


Saluting health care heroes

Published Nov. 25, 2010

The BizTimes Health Care Heroes Awards salute those on the front lines of health care who are performing everyday miracles for others. These people are heroes in every sense of the word. They are adding to the quality of life for others in southeastern Wisconsin.

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My Date with a Doctor

I’m getting a colonoscopy this Monday. It’ll be my second. Colonoscopies are a rite of “passage” (pun somewhat intended) when you turn that “certain age,” the age when doctors start looking around in places you thought, for sure, no one would ...

Taking A Shot

        I got a flu shot last week. The next day, I came down with the flu… (okay, according the CDC’s website, you can’t get the flu from a flu shot but you can experience side effects like aches and a fever, which, sorry, is pretty much th...

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