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Does this Milwaukee sign bug you, too?

Published Dec. 10, 2015

Head south along Broadway from Downtown into the Historic Third Ward and you'll see the new freeways that separate the areas. You'll also probably notice what I did. The "East Town" sign seems out of place. It looks great, though.


The Wisconsin DOT thinks you're dumb

Published Dec. 15, 2014

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation thinks you're dumb. Really dumb. Worse, they want you to pay a lot of money for the privilege of being called dumb by them.


Construction done right

Published July 22, 2014

It's easy to complain about highway construction in Milwaukee. After all, it's pretty much a constant. When one project finishes, another begins ... if we're lucky. More often, it seems like every interchange or stretch of freeway is being worked on all at once.


Public Market's parking lot reopens

Published Jan. 28, 2014

The Milwaukee Public Market announced today that its reconfigured daily parking lot has reopened ahead of schedule.


Emission check done in seven minutes

Published Oct. 14, 2013

Remember those long emission lines at the test centers around the greater Milwaukee area? These days, my fellow drivers, are gone.

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