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Cinderella Project MKE aims to dress girls for prom

Published Jan. 7, 2010

Prom can be an expensive but important rite of passage for many young women. For those who can't afford a gown, The Gadzuric Foundation created the Cinderella Project MKE. Organizers hope to not only provide great dresses to teens, but also help build self-esteem. Glass slippers are another story.


The best dress

Published May 5, 2009

Why is it that we feel so safe in black? It's flattering, of course. But what does it say about you? It doesn't take Anna Wintour to toss on a black dress, pearls and heels. You can do better than that.


K Fro Designs delights in classic femininity

Published May 9, 2008

As the seamstress behind K Fro Designs, Kristin Froehlich excels in femininity. She's the kind of artist who designs not just women's clothes, but the kind of clothes that make a woman really feel like a woman.


Sheik's new group provides pride to high school girls

Published Feb. 23, 2004

Amy Sheik started a new not-for-profit organization called Pretty as a Princess that will offer extremely affordable formal dresses to urban girls. It is modeled after similar programs in Chicago, Pittsburgh and San Francisco.

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