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Why we suck at roundabout driving

Published Dec. 21, 2015

We're sure you're an expert roundabout driver, but many Americans, including Milwaukeeans, don't seem to have the slightest understanding how to navigate them. But there's a reason for this.


COA scholarship provides path to driver's license for hundreds of local teens

Published April 9, 2015

As a teenager living in Milwaukee's inner city without a driver's license, Joshua Leonard felt isolated. But without the money for classes at one of the many private driving schools, which typically charge more than $300, he was at a dead end. Until, as reported by Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, he found COA Youth & Family Centers, which offers a scholarship-based driver's education program.


The Wisconsin DOT thinks you're dumb

Published Dec. 15, 2014

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation thinks you're dumb. Really dumb. Worse, they want you to pay a lot of money for the privilege of being called dumb by them.

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