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A Brady Street Festival Frenzy

I had never been to the Brady Street Fest, but after last Saturday's bash on Brady, I'll never miss another one. Down the city's most hip and diverse street in all of the land, the scene looked more like a brochure of "Visit New Orleans" than Milwaukee on Saturday. There was a sk...

Harry's Bar and Grill - Milwaukee / Shorewood

Harry's Bar and Grill on the border of Shorewood and Milwaukee is probably one of the most under-rated restaurants in the Milwaukee area. Shorewood, which is not known for its abundance of bars and restaurants is lucky to have a place like Harry's so close by! Their website describes themselves a...

Good bye Good Life

I'd like to take a few minutes to say a fond farewell to an old friend. The Good Life, 1935 N. Water St., has been a great place to grab a bite, meet friends for drinks, and to gather for brunch on the lovely patio in the summer. It had everything going for it - a unique and well-des...

The sex offender and me

I am a single woman who lives alone. I thought about having a roommate for a while, but figured we would get on each other's nerves after about a week or so.  I like having the run of my apartment without hearing someone blast their radio, or engaged in sexual activity at 2am. I figured...

Out of sorts

There is a certain bar on the eastside, that whenever anyone mentions going there, I cringe. This bar's reputation is less than stellar. I"ve heard countless stories of women going there and having the date rape drug slipped into their drinks. Now for legal reasons I can not divu...

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