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The real winners and losers of the 2017 Golden Globes

Published Jan. 9, 2017

Last night, the Golden Globes officially kicked off awards season, announcing its bizarre yet not bizarre enough to be all that interesting winners. But who really won and lost at Sunday night's ceremony? Let's break it down.


"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" swings onto shelves tomorrow

Published Aug. 18, 2014

When retail outlets open their doors tomorrow morning, Sony will unleash "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," and with it an incredible debate for one of the bestselling comic book characters of all time.


"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" gets trapped in its own messy webbing

Published May 5, 2014

The first installment of Marc Webb's rebooted Spider-Man series was content to follow almost identically in its predecessor's footsteps, taking in millions of dollars and handing out even more in cases of déjà vu. Now the desperate franchise has managed to blindly retrace the footsteps right into the same exact minefield. The faces may be new this time around, but now even the mistakes all are the same. In fact, they're somehow worse.


"The Croods" a rock solid animated adventure for all ages

Published March 25, 2013

"The Croods," the latest animated picture to come out of Dreamworks, follows a formula pretty closely. Yet somehow, the movie finds new nuances, angles, jokes and emotional notes, and mixes those with the kind of beautiful, lush, colorful and imaginative cartoon worlds you would expect from a high-end animated picture. It results in easily the studio's best film since 2010's "How to Train Your Dragon."


"Movie 43" is just plain wrong ... and not in a good way

Published Jan. 28, 2013

Comedy is all just a matter of personal preference. That being said, it would be my personal preference for "Movie 43" to be buried at the bottom of the ocean, never to be seen again by human eyes.

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Rev. Ron reviews "The Croods"

Cavemen are always funny. That's a fact. I mean just look at the Geico commercials and subsequent series based on those fun loving caveme-wait, bad example. about the movie Quest for Fire? That film was filled with it wasn't. Unless you count cavemen rape and Ron Perlm...

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