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Enemy Star goes supernova

Published May 14, 2013

Local hard rock outfit Enemy Star has called it quits, according to guitarist and founder Paris Ortiz, who wrote in today to say the band will play two final gigs this weekend, including one at Club Anything with a special surprise guest.


Moloko Shivers takes care of some unfinished business

Published Nov. 21, 2012

Hard rock band Moloko Shivers was active in Milwaukee clubs from 1990 to '97 before splitting up. Getting back together sporadically since 2005, the group returns again with a new CD that includes some new music, but also some unfinished tunes from back in the day.


Enemy Star debuts with a CD already complete

Published Aug. 28, 2010

Although it started out as the baby of guitarist Paris Ortiz, Enemy Star soon morphed into a band. And that's OK with Ortiz, who is a veteran of bands The Cocksmiths, Big Dumb Dick and Psychedelicasi. What changed everything for him was hearing Kassy Gruszkowski sing.

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