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Longtime server reflects on the iconic Coffee Trader

Published June 17, 2013

Even though the Coffee Trader was notorious for slow service and mediocre food, people returned again and again. Many stayed for hours at a time. The restaurant / bar and bakery was also known for a steady turnover of employees, with the exception of Mary Beatty.


Omnivore distribution boosts new set of Joey's Song discs

Published July 9, 2012

Mike Gomoll established The Joseph Gomoll Foundation in honor of his son Joey, who away unexpectedly on March 30, 2010. Joey was afflicted with Dravet's Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy. Gomoll issued a pair of great CDs to raise funds for the battle against epilepsy and two more follow next month. This time, Omnivore Records, co-founded by Milwaukee ex-pat Cheryl Pawelski, is on board to help spread the word.


MIAD grad designs alternative for seizure safety

Published July 26, 2009

The first time Megan Dickison saw an epilepsy helmet she was completely taken back by the thought of someone like her, who also happened to have drop seizures, being forced to wear it in public. They were large, intrusive, and loudly called unnecessary attention to a person's medical condition. She set to work on an aesthetically-pleasing, yet safe, alternative called the Protec.

Reader blogs:

Epilepsy: It's a Problem

Maybe you know someone who has epilepsy, maybe you have epilepsy or maybe you know nothing about epilepsy. Either way you should know that epilepsy is highly misunderstood both scientifically and socially. I, along with many others in our community, have epilepsy. I have chosen to make an effort ...

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