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Love stinks: Five heartbreakingly good anti-Valentine's Day films

Published Feb. 13, 2013

There are plenty of movies out there for those who want to believe in a thing called love, but what about those who - for whatever reason - want to give the holiday the middle finger? Here are five great, suitably pessimistic movies that'll have you belting "Love Stinks" like Adam Sandler in "The Wedding Singer."


Stolen plots, among other things, sink "Swimfan"

Published Sept. 8, 2002

The basic pitch for "Swimfan" can be boiled down to three words: "Fatal Attraction, Jr." A high school-set obsessive romance, "Swimfan" shamelessly appropriates the plot of its infamous '80s forebear and reinvents it as the most mild of teenage titillation, a movie that somehow escaped its direct-to-video destiny apparently only to be an embarrassing wreck on a much larger screen.

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