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Six lessons of Sept. 11 that we've already forgotten

Published Sept. 11, 2015

It's the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001 today, and it's always a somber and sad occasion. Yet it sometimes seems that so many of the lessons of 9/11 have been lost in the years since. Here are six that we seem to have forgotten and should do our best to reclaim.


Residency rule makes good sense

Published Dec. 13, 2012

I am all for freedom of choice in just about everything. I believe women should be free to make their own decisions about what to do with their own bodies. I believe we should all be free to vote without having to show identification cards and I believe that we should all be free to dance until dawn. Because of those deeply held beliefs I find that I face trouble when trying to determine exactly how I feel about residency requirements for employment.


Hook & Ladder Brewery fans the flame of charity

Published Jan. 24, 2009

The Silver Spring, Md.-based Hook & Ladder Brewing Company made its way to Wisconsin in fall 2008 and perhaps you've seen it in the beer department at Whole Foods or on the shelves of the "Blatz Cave" at Blatz Market & Liquor, but have you tried it yet?


Firefighters pump effort into a bar of their own

Published Nov. 6, 2003

When Rick Rodriguez went to New York to aid fellow firefighters after September 11, his Big Apple counterparts took him to bars like "The Hook and Ladder" and the "Red Suspenders." That gave him an idea.

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