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6 local products to soothe the sickies

Published March 29, 2015

It's hard to determine if there's more sickness going around than usual, but it seems like there is. With that in mind, here are six local products that might not completely cure what's ailing you, but might make you feel at least a wee bit better.


Flu is upon us and Milwaukee is awash in germs

Published Dec. 16, 2014

Stay away from Facebook, it's covered in germs. If it wasn't alarming enough that every third social media post appears to be about a feverish and/or vomiting child, the news at some local schools has been pretty crazy, too.


Fight your cold with booze!

Published Nov. 19, 2010

Sara is sick this week. Thus, in a Vicks VapoRub haze, she asked some of her most trusted sources for their "Get Well Soon" drink recipes. Here are some of the best.


Flu preparedness -- an oxymoron?

Published Sept. 9, 2009

So, let me get this straight: everyone should get flu shots and children are especially susceptible. But some doctors around here don't have the shots and places like Walgreen's won't give the shots to children. Ask the city and you can pretty much cue the crickets. This doesn't say much for our preparedness.


Thanksgiving feast a joke for stomach flu folks

Published Nov. 26, 2008

It has been days since anyone in my family hugged porcelain, but we're still struggling with sour stomachs and an abnormal lack of interest in food. This is truly a bummer with the big turkey feast scheduled for tomorrow.

Reader blogs:

The Defense Department monitors new flu strain

 As the number of flu cases increase and the locations for the infection expand, the uniformed services must defend against the virus weakening its ranks.  How exactly does the military prepare for a flu outbreak? What risk is the potential deadly new strain of flu to the men and women ...

Flu Bugged

Thursday April 17th, 2008 - Orland Park, ILI’m sick. Ick. I hope it doesn’t stick. That’s about as creative as I can be right now as an absolutely crushing headache strangles any creativity that may be trying to escape. I have been coughing all day until my throat is raw and the...

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