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Kopp's new Travel Pak makes flying with custard a breeze

Published Nov. 21, 2016

Frozen custard is best enjoyed at the stand where you bought it just moments ago. But for folks who live outside Milwaukee and want to be able to bring some of this delectable treat home after a visit, transporting custard can be a challenge. Worry no more. Kopp's has come up with a solution.


My personal travel hell

Published March 2, 2015

There are some things that no human, no matter how much grace, patience or tolerance they possess can abide. There are some things that get the goat of even the Mother Theresa of airline passengers.


Milwaukee by drone

Published Aug. 7, 2014

Via drone, here's a cool fly over Downtown, the St. Francis Seminary, area lakes and other parts of the city. It's done by Darrell Boeck from Creative Images.


Fighting flying fears

Published Jan. 11, 2013

In December, flying back from New Orleans, I was to the stress-filled point of reminding myself to breath, and I don't really know why. I have never been on a scary flight - in fact, I have had almost seamless air travel experiences.


Captains, flight attendants aim to ground flying fears

Published Jan. 11, 2013

Although many studies report that the chance of dying in a plane crash are one in 11 million - which is statistically much lower than the likelihood of dying in a car wreck - many people still feel anxious about flying. Meet a captain, flight attendants and passengers who weigh in on the issue of air travel anxiety.

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