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Will Smith's "Focus" is a slight but slickly seductive rom-con

Published March 3, 2015

A funny thing - perhaps even a flipped-turned upside down thing - happened on the way to "Focus": The world fell out of love with Will Smith. The fairly small, R-rated con movie was never going to be the blockbuster to bring Smith firmly back up to sure thing box office status. What it does do, however, is quite nicely kill about two hours in sexy, sleek and breezily enjoyable fashion - a kind of Ocean's 6 or 7.


In critical stretch Packers will make excuses or find answers

Published Nov. 28, 2012

As the Green Bay Packers begin the home stretch of the 2012 season with four NFC North games in their final five, we'll find out soon if what the players were saying following Sunday's 38-10 loss were just excuses for a one-game hiccup, or reasons behind an eventual slide down the standings.


Stylish "Focus" is a morality play for our time

Published Dec. 7, 2001

Director Neil Slavin does a fine job making "Focus" look smart, stylish and cool, like a colorized version of an old noir flick. He also does a good job building suspense and tension. But Macy, as always, steals the show with his everyman face and demeanor.

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