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40 of 40: Day 39

"All we are saying is give peace a chance."I woke this morning to the news that a sitting US President, Barack Obama, has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize - a surprise to everyone, including the President.As to not seem overly biased, I posted the story from FOX News on my Facebook pa...

Forty Days and Forty Nights of 40: Day 2

Forty Days and Forty Nights of 40: Day 2 Forty is still middle-age, unless all your friends are living until 100.  Even though we are living longer and better, now is the time when you often deal with issues of mortality. As I was preparing for this blog, I was also preparing f...

Got My 40, Where's The Party?

I remember many moons ago when "Getting A 40" was something some of my nefarious and not so nefarious associates might do, to get the party started.  Now, I'm looking at getting a soon-to-be 40-year-old husband some big whopping birthday celebration and I'm at a loss.  I hav...

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